16S rRNA Refseq V15.21 Genomic RefSeq V9.14
No. of genomes for TAXON ID (HMT) 348: 2 
Taxon ID*Genus *Species *Strain/Culture
Collection *
SEQ ID *No. of
& plasmids *
length (bp) *
Genome Info and ToolsAvailable Annotations
HMT-348Saccharibacteria (TM7) [G-1]bacterium HMT 348 TM7cSEQF1469129474,17939.1Taxon DescGenome InfoGenome ViewerBLASTPROKKANCBIHOMD
HMT-348Saccharibacteria (TM7) [G-1]bacterium HMT 348 TM7bSEQF146885112,75337.0Taxon DescGenome InfoGenome ViewerBLASTPROKKANCBIHOMD
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