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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
Genus: Gemella
Lineage: Bacteria;Firmicutes;Bacilli;Bacillales;Gemellaceae;Gemella
Overview: There are five species of Gemella in the human oral microbiome: G. bergeri, G. haemolysans, G. morbillorum, G. sanguinis, and G. sp. HMT 928.

Ecological role/importance in health and disease: Gemella species reach their highest relative abundance on the buccal mucosa and keratinized gingiva, where G. haemolysans makes up 5-8% of the community. G. sanguinis makes up about 1% of the tongue dorsum microbiota and G. haemolysans and G. morbillorum together make up 0.5-1% of dental plaque in healthy individuals. Gemella species can be opportunistic pathogens; G. morbillorum and, less frequently, G. haemolysans are detected in endocarditis and other opportunistic infections (García López and Martín-Galiano 2020).
eHOMD Taxonomy
LifeCellular Organisms
 DomainBacteria (773) Abundance
  PhylumFirmicutes (255) Abundance
   ClassBacilli (104) Abundance
    OrderBacillales (29) Abundance
     FamilyGemellaceae (5) Abundance
      GenusGemella (5) Abundance
       Species       Gemella bergeri (HMT-555) Abundance
       Gemella haemolysans (HMT-626) Abundance
       Gemella morbillorum (HMT-046) Abundance
       Gemella sanguinis (HMT-757) Abundance
       Gemella sp._HMT_928 (HMT-928) Abundance